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The State of Recruitment 2022

The State of Recruitment 2022

Newsflash — tech jobs aren’t going anywhere. Even as inflation and talk of a global recession are taking hold, opportunity in the tech world is flourishing. With so many open roles, workers are now in the driver’s seat. HR teams have no choice but to keep pace and explore new avenues to ensure their talent pipeline remains filled with quality candidates who cannot only do the job but thrive in their organization.

The COVID-19 pandemic created a radical shift in the way candidates look for work and how we recruit and onboard new talent. The work environment now looks quite different, and there are some key considerations that talent managers need to watch out for when filling roles. As we look at the state of recruitment in 2022, here are some notable things to keep in mind to ensure your organization is meeting the moment and putting the best possible candidates in front of hiring managers.

The Tech Job Market Is Still Hot

Although news of recent layoffs at Silicon Valley giants has made headlines, the job market for technology roles is still going strong. Indicators have shown these layoffs to be only isolated. Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has onboarded more than 10,000 new employees just this year, and Microsoft will end the year with more people than it started with even as it leans some of its organization.

There are still nearly two open jobs for every person who is looking, and the job market overall remains hot — the U.S. economy added 372,000 jobs in June 2022. Even as news of an economic slowdown looms, all indicators point to nothing of the sort as of yet. Technology jobs are still highly sought after, and candidates are actively looking for the right opportunities that will allow them to make the most of their skills.

Remote Work Is Here To Stay 

As workers went remote during the pandemic, many realized the value that the added flexibility gave them. Many large organizations, especially in the tech world, recognized this and announced plans for either hybrid or completely remote work settings. And this movement is only growing. A recent study by Upwork predicted that more than 28% of workers will be fully remote in the next five years.

As workers gain more power in negotiations, flexible workplace arrangements have also become a common request. For many, office-based work can even be a non-starter. Workers no longer feel tied to inhospitable office environments, and they have now come to expect their employers to respect that or at least meet them halfway. 

Pay Transparency Is in the Spotlight

As companies like Glassdoor and Indeed become more popular with job seekers, compensation and benefits have become less obscure. Many workers now enter offer negotiations with a firm understanding of what they can expect to earn. Depending on where your company is located or where you post opportunities, it can also be required to specify an exact pay or range. Colorado, Connecticut, Nevada, and New York City all have new laws on the books that require organizations to reveal pay expectations in every job posting. 

Younger generations have also become less coy about pay. There are multiple TikTok accounts devoted to uncovering pay scales in many industries, including tech. Software engineers, programmers, and designers have also become popular by openly documenting their earnings and daily workplace activities through vlogs and “day-in-the-life” features on different social platforms.

Being transparent upfront about compensation and benefits can help ensure that recruiters and job seekers are on the same page. And for many specialized roles in tech, it’s important to know that the organization can actually afford the candidate being considered.

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