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Build Your Talent Advantage: The Power of a Strong Employer Brand

Just as candidates are competing with each other for jobs, so too are companies competing for candidates. All else being equal, the reputation that your organization holds and its value proposition matters more than you think. A compelling brand not only captures the attention of prospects looking for new opportunities, but it can also foster loyalty among existing workers and help you continue to grow large talent pools to easily fill open opportunities.

This article identifies key ways that you can help build your brand as an employer and how recruitment platforms such as ScaleFront can support those efforts.

Defining Your Employer Value Proposition

Although your company’s brand helps support your employer value proposition, they are different concepts. In considering your value proposition, think about what it is you offer someone who wants to join your company. What value will they derive when they join the ranks? With this in mind, always highlight what sets your firm apart and what uniquely makes your company a great place to work. This often includes your values, culture, pay, and benefits. And if you’re using a recruiting platform such as ScaleFront, ensure these attributes are front and center.

Crafting Compelling Employer Brand Messaging

Your employer brand is much more than your logo and slogan. It encompasses your company’s unique culture, mission, and work. To further build their brands in the minds of job seekers, many firms have created storytelling campaigns and compelling content that features real workers doing real work. This can help prospective employees glean insights into the day-to-day life of your firm. Once you have some content created, you can also look to partner with influencers, leverage recruiting platforms, or place targeted campaigns to find exactly the right audience you’re looking for.

Enhancing the Candidate Experience

Candidates don’t just desire a seamless hiring experience, they have come to expect it. If you’re still bogged down in manual processes, now’s the time to look at solutions that can help streamline your hiring needs. Recruiting platforms such as ScaleFront make it simple. For example, with built-in automated communication tools, applicants can be continually informed and updated throughout the interview and onboarding process. This level of transparency can help develop a positive candidate experience and elevate your brand as an employer of choice.

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Engaging Employees as Brand Ambassadors

Your employees are your best advocates, and utilizing them as ambassadors for your organization can be a powerful, cost-effective way to build your brand. When possible, encourage them to share their experiences on social media, interview them for videos you can post on your jobs page, and invite them to join professional networks. With so many positive advocates, your brand can reach farther than you can imagine. ScaleFront even offers a built-in employee referral feature, enabling current workers to recommend talented individuals for open roles. Relationships matter, and trusted connections can often become successful new employees.

Monitoring and Managing Your Online Reputation

From Indeed to Glassdoor, several public job review sites openly solicit feedback from interviewees on their experiences as candidates. These have become trusted portals for job seekers, and it’s crucial that you follow what’s posted about your firm. If you see feedback (positive or negative) pop up, always respond promptly and constructively. Those who come after to read through the reviews will appreciate that your firm took the time to listen and respond. And to dive deep into your online reputation, be sure to utilize the reputation management tools that ScaleFront offers. You’ll stay continually updated, informed, and alert on the real-time sentiment that can be affecting your employer brand online.

Bottom Line

The reality is that your employer brand can make or break your talent pool. To build a talent advantage and achieve your hiring goals, now’s the time to invest in ways to grow your reputation. From monitoring online job review sites to leveraging existing employees as ambassadors, there are a number of touchpoints that your HR teams should consider to make your organization stand out to job seekers.

Recruiting platforms such as ScaleFront can also play a pivotal role in supporting a strong employer brand. With tools that help you showcase your organization’s values and culture to prospective workers, your company can make a statement among the various job postings that job seekers often sift through. And once they apply, ScaleFront makes it easy for applicants to stay informed, updated, and engaged throughout the process, which only serves to enhance your firm’s perception.

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