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The Benefits of Using an Online Recruitment Platform for Tech Hiring

When it comes to filling skilled technology roles, many HR managers are finding that passive recruiting efforts are no longer enough to source quality candidates. With so much demand for tech workers, companies must be proactive in meeting job seekers where they are. That’s where online recruitment platforms, such as TopTal or ScaleFront, can help. Using intelligent search and a variety of built-in features, these tools help connect recruiters with talented professionals who are ready to work.

This post explores just how an online recruitment platform can make your tech recruiting more efficient and productive while saving your team valuable time (and money) in finding skilled workers.

Benefits of using online recruitment platform for hiring tech top talent

Enhanced Visibility and Reach

Instead of waiting for candidates to come to you, online recruitment platforms have existing pools of vetted, screened candidates who are actively seeking opportunities. This gives recruiters more choices and opportunities to find the right hires for niche roles. By specifying detailed parameters, the platforms will match you with a broader, more diverse candidate list than you would have received by simply leveraging an internal job board or referrals.

Time and Cost Effective

Online recruitment platforms eliminate the manual tasks associated with recruiting, allowing you to spend more time evaluating talent. With automated resume screening, job posting, and distribution, and even built-in interview scheduling and assessment tools, platforms such as ScaleFront streamline sourcing and screening. You’ll receive a list of shortlisted candidates in little time at far less the cost of hiring external recruiters or headhunters.

Efficient Candidate Screening and Shortlisting

Using smart technology and automation, recruiting platforms eliminate the chore of candidate screening. Based on your inputs, the tools will parse through databases to find individuals with the right skills, education, and experience for specified roles. Hiring teams will then receive an initial batch of shortlisted candidates to evaluate without the potential bias or subjective screening practices that come into play during manual shortlisting processes.

Access to Advanced Tools and Features

Instead of investing in tech-forward recruiting tools, online recruiting platforms allow HR departments to tap into a variety of hiring solutions in one seamlessly integrated option. Example features often include automated resume parsing, reference/background checks, initial video screening, interview scheduling, and communication channels between candidates and hiring teams. These features allow recruiters to consolidate their hiring tasks using a simplified interface and make more informed decisions using the power of smart sourcing technology.

Online recruitment platform can help HR professionals to reach top tech talents

Data-Driven Hiring Decisions

Oftentimes, the data behind the recruiting process is overlooked, but it can have valuable implications for organizations looking to optimize their hiring efforts. Many online recruiting platforms automatically collect data on the screening, sourcing, and selection process. This can allow recruiters to analyze key information on hiring times, candidate criteria, and other valuable insights to further refine their processes in the future.

Improved Candidate Experience

Online recruiting platforms don’t just serve recruiters. They see job seekers as their customers as well, and, as such, they make significant investments in the candidate experience. Depending on the tool, candidates often enjoy features such as real-time application status updates and notifications, integrated messaging, and interview scheduling. With a more personalized experience, jobseekers will feel more satisfied when going through an interview process with your company and will be more likely to recommend and consider you for future opportunities.

Bottom Line

The demand for tech workers remains high across all industries. Now’s the time to start investing in options that will give you the best opportunity to find the talent you need. With integrated smart technology, advanced, candidate-first features, and optional analytics, online recruitment platforms can help you find talented hires for your open technology roles in no time.

If you’re still on the hunt for the right platform, start your search with ScaleFront. This talent marketplace provides recruiters with comprehensive profiles and a variety of integrated tools to help you not only source but better connect with candidates throughout the hiring process. Sign up today and see why recruiters from across industries are making the switch!

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